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Built by AI, just for you.

Strive learns from your unique fitness abilities to create your custom program. Work out efficiently. Install Strive for free.
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Why Strive?

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Always At Your Level

Strive uses Artificial Intelligence to create workouts that keep improving with you

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Inclusive and non-intimidating

With Strive you get healthy, happy and fit in a welcoming, feel-good atmosphere

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91% success mind-body approach

Our method works because it focuses on your well-being and making fitness a habit you enjoy.


How does it work ?


Initial Assessment

Similar to a human coach, Strive's AI will ask you some questions and acquire an initial understanding of your unique fitness abilities


Follow your program

From selecting the right exercise to showing you how to deal with failures, Strive will always be on your side showing the best next step


Strive keeps improving

Strive analyses every session and keeps adjusting every detail of your journey. Much like a trainer who has known you for a long time.

What People Say About Strive

Since the app update, I have been able to try out a couple of workouts and really enjoyed them. I love the way it asks at the end of the workout which exercises were too hard or too easy and adjusts the next workout based on that. Clever stuff and the exercises are unusual enough to make it interesting and fun but are still effective.

Nathan Cope

The app is very practical and at the same time super personalized. But what I like most is its approach to physical exercise itself, much more than aesthetics, exercise is health! Moreover, the app is so versatile that it is possible to use it even when we are not in the mood, because it respects your limits and your body.

Júlia Ruiz

Perfect experience. Different kinds of exercises improving strength and flexibility all together. All exercises were well planed according to my fitness level. Congratulations!

Sarah Magalhães